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Panel discussion on Career Opportunities and Challenges in Mutual Fund Industries 

Ranchi, Jharkhand | February | 16, 2018 :: Department of Finance, XISS Ranchi hosted a panel discussion today on the topic “Career Opportunities and Challenges in Mutual Fund Industries”. The panel discussion had eminent speakers namely, Mr. Lallit Tripathi (Chief Executive Vedant Asset); Mr. Lagan Agarwal (Regional Head- Bihar and Jharkhand SBI Mutual Funds); Mr. Ajit Kumar Srivastava (Asst. Vice President. Cluster Head- Jharkhand & Bihar, DSP Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd); Mr. Abhishek Kumar (Head Deputy Vice President Eastern Region Edelweiss); Mr. Deepak Kumar (Senior Vice President UTI MF); Mr. Prasant Kumar Choudhary (Cluster Head- Bihar & Jharkhand Retail Sales IDFC AMC); Mr. Anu Verma (Area head sales Bihar and Jharkhand Tata Asset Management Ltd.); Mr. Rahul Bhatt (Zonal Manager East Axis Asset Management Company Ltd); Mr. Abhishek Prasad (Cluster Manager- Jharkhand Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd); Mr. Amitabh Kumar (Cluster Head HDFC MF).


The assembly began with Director Father Alexius Ekka addressing the panelist and the audience. Mr. Lallit Tripathi played a very active role as the moderator generating spontaneous interaction among panelists and between panelists and the audience. Mr. Tripathi briefed about what Mutual Fund is and the rapid trend Mutual Fund Industry has followed until now.

According to Mr. Prashant Kumar Choudhary the field of investment needs to be simplified. He outlined the role Game Changer, an IDFC Mutual Fund programme, has played in achieving this objective by creating awareness among investors in a very the easiest way possible.

When it comes to differences between private AMC and Public AMC, Mr. Lagan Agarwal was of the view that the every AMC is governed by the same set of rules laid by SEBI and that ethics is the major differentiating factor.

Mr. Abhishek Kumar talked about the hidden potential that India holds when it comes to investment. SIPs has been going the best option for the investor and there is no alternative to mutual funds.

Ms. Anu Verma pointed out the importance and role of product, performance, partnership and people in the investment industry.

Mr. Abhishek Prasad elucidated the long term and short term prospects of Financial Market and why people should modify their thought process acoordingly.

Talking about the opportunities Mr. Rahul Bhatt opined that in Financial Market opportunities are comparatively more than challenges and suggested the students to focus more on the opportunities.

Mr. Deepak Kumar clarified the myths about risks involved in a mutual fund. He stressed on the need for transforming the challenges into opportunities to enhance the penetration of the MF industry.

Mr. Amitabh Kumar highlighted the changes Mutual Fund is going through due to domestic regulations and international happenings and suggested the students keep themselves updated with such changes.

Mr.Ajit Kumar Srivastava advised the students on how to be ready industry ready.He marks his lines by saying that a good student should have a combo of “Communication” and “Education” to build “Relationship” for the organization.

The session concluded on a high note, giving a platform to the students to learn from the experts, share their views and indulge in a Q&A session. Diversity among panelist added great success to the session.

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