Post Covid 19 patients and Homeo medicine : Dr. Babita

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | June | 20, 2021 ::  Pandemic covid-19 after severe infection damages lungs due to which its alveoli are unable to exchange respiratory gases properly and patient suffers from breathlessness.
Intake of steroid Medicine for the same makes the patient suffer from thrombosis, blood start coagulating in coronary artery which supply Blood to heart muscle for involuntary action. But due to coagulation, oxygen supply in heart blocks. Thus patients start suffering from multiple disorders like hypertension, headache, dizziness and kidney dysfunction.
Allopathic system of medicine in post corona patients generally does not show significant results. But in the case of homoeopath, post covid patients naturally cure without any side effects. In homoeopath, same medicine not applicable for all as it varies patient to patient according to symptoms and physique.
There is need of awareness in the patients about the facts and consult a knowledgeable and dignified homoeopath Doctor for being secure from post covid diseases.

Dr. Babita Bharti

Sure cure Homoeo clinic and research centre

Ashok Nagat ( Beside Anand Gas Agency ), Ranchi, Jharkhand


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