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REIKI – Channeling : Rashu [ Reiki Master, Pune ]

ReikiPune, Maharastra | May |9, 2016 ::Channeling is the transfer of healing energy from a healer to an object or receiver. The purpose is to remove clogged or negative energy from the aura and physical body of the heal.

Now, where does the power to channel come from and can we all channel energy? In my opinion, no we cannot all channel energy without some training or attunement. Channeling is not meditation, which anyone can do. It is more focused, in which the healer has to concentrate on transferring the energy to the receiver. We are all instruments or channels of the universe. However, when an individual chooses a specific form of channeling, he becomes a powerful instrument.
For us Reiki practitioners, we channel Universal energy. And there are other healers who heal through their own energy, Bio energy, breadth or thought. Whatever, be the method of healing, when we choose to be aware of a higher consciousness or higher energy, our vibration increases. With regards to this, channeling can be divided in to Connecting to the energy; giving energy; sending energy; receiving energy; removing energy and grounding.

1. Connecting to the Energy – In Reiki we do this through Attitude of Gratitude or simply with the activation of the Reiki symbols. Other energy healers pray or call the energy in their hands. Though both hands have equal energy, it is interesting to know one had receives the energy and the other gives the energy!

2. Giving energy – Before any healing, we need to accumulate some energy in our body. In Reiki, we usually do Self Healing before any treatment. Healers normally scan the body and aura of the patient and then fill those dense spots with love and light!

3. Sending energy- This is the commonest form of channeling. It is distance healing and is highly effective. In one look of your mind’s eye you can see the healee’s entire body and aura. This is according to me more powerful than hands on healing.

4. Receiving energy – For any healer it is mandatory to receive energy from the patient. We call this ‘Energy Exchange’ in Reiki. In other healing forms there is some sort of fee or exchange involved. This is important, as it balances the inequalities of the energies in the receiver and healer. Obviously, healers are of higher vibrations. Energy flows from a higher to a lower level. The receiver can keep pulling energy out of the healer. This needs to be balanced by some kind of value exchange. Not to mention it also balances karma.

5. Removing Energy – This kind of channeling is more invasive, as it actually involves getting your hands dirty! Healers have to dive in for the negative or clogged energy into the body of the patient and pull it out. Psychic or spiritual surgery would come under this. Excess energy in the body of the patient can be due to several reasons. Pain in a physical part of the body or unreleased emotions in the psyche of the patient. The important thing to remember here is, because of the invasive nature of this healing, the aura of the receiver tends to become weak. It is important to seal back the aura.

6. Grounding – We all know after healing sessions, we have some stuff or debris of the client on us. We need to get rid of that! Though most healers are shielded, the debris sometimes accumulate over our shield making it heavier. It is good to ground and remove excess energy. In Reiki we have specific ways of sealing treatments. But some healers use the traditional “Karate Chop” method for Grounding. Just keep your palms straight and hack away the connection between yourself and your patient…

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