Human Behaviour and Strategy :: Rajeev Kr Gupta [ Ranchi. Jharkhand ]
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Human Behaviour and Strategy :: Rajeev Kr Gupta [ Ranchi. Jharkhand ]

Human Behaviour and Strategy :: Rajeev Kr Gupta [ Ranchi. Jharkhand ] Ranchi, Jharkhand | September | Tuesday | 29, 2015 :: Strategy :- How Important to Corporate, Government , Public Sector and also Indiviual ?
In our childhood, we all loved to play different games like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball and Basketball etc. Most of us liked those games in which no of players were more than one and also preferred outdoor games. It helped to understand value of Team-spirit and everyone got varied experiences of Human-Behaviour.
No doubt it was for everyone first lesson to understand what Management is all about and no doubt it helped to give incite on Discipline, Ethics, Team-spirit, cordination, focus, delivery and to perform
best among available resources. That means with present Matrix of Players, Resources and opponents led to get best output.
And also at home, we have similar kind of experiences while observing our family members engaged in different sorts of activities like business, marriage ceremony and other rituals etc.
Though it never discussed in our classes how those experiences were and why we need those lessons in present scenario which is undoubtedly most important in our daily activities of personal and work life.
Later during higher studies, we all come across with different case studies and become very confident of handling each challenges which will be faced in future.
My Question to All – Are We ? – Still we don’t feel that we are stuck into vicious circle of problems. May be not 100% agree but probably most of them will agree.
Even if we understand, the application is on others and by delegating , task is over. But sincerely, we all overlook ourselves.
Then My other question- What ? and How ?
In modern times or rather to say present times, most of us still love playing those games like Football, Cricket, Hockey, Volley-ball and Basket-ball etc not in the field practically in same fashion but unfortunately in different style as a single player or considering few players without considering whole team as a Team. It is everywhere and very much in similar fashion in most Government Departments, Public Sector, Corporate Sector and at Individual Level also.
And so the whole delivery-mechanism is stuck. Is this the fair play and can we expect the best delivery from those few from all sectors as they all are confined into Cell of areas of comfort. Fear of getting exposed is also major hidden which restricts them to make management Virtual and Flat.
I, myself , sometimes amazed with this sort of development and also quite confused why these delivery mechanism is so poor even after so much technological advancement.
With this mindset, one Sunday morning, I was at home and my youngest son aged 8 yrs asked for my mobile. After taking, he started playing some games on it, I just started watching what he is doing. He was playing Football and very much involved and became very excited when ball was kicked for goal. His energy level was like he, himself, playing football match and enjoying every bit of game as one plays in the field. Like-wise, I also observed him when he started playing cricket on mobile.
The game has been shifted from Field to Mobile-gadget and now it is not required to form any team. The entertainment is to some extent similar and so we are growing like this with this sort of conditioning.
Just one example , now-a-days how we are behaving and we are totally reluctant to accept how we have been groomed ourselves.
Are we not behaving like this in similar fashion. If we really want to make change in real sense and for success of people in wholistic sense, then we have to go back and would have to understand the ground game. With this understanding, we need to re-engineering our basics of Discipline, Ethics, Team-spirit, Cordination and Delivery-mechanism etc.
It is like going back to roots because stronger the roots, the higher and stronger will be our Castles.

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