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Tasty Bits by Jagpreet Kaur, Mumbai.


Well, this is to say a Hello to all who are literally crazy about FOOD :not only eating. Its like people who-
  • love to eat,
  • love to explore food,
  • who go on crazy with their cravings,
  • who can travel long distances just to taste their favorite or a unique dish,
  • who can even cook if they really want to have them badly,
  • who love to taste different cuisines,
  • who cannot eat the simple boring food everyday.
So, if these qualities matches you, you are good to go with this blog because I am the one of the type and I will be making you ‘crazy’ with all the exciting food stuffs and their explorations. Well, to be frank, I am a Punjabi and Punjabis love food, isn’t it?
You know food is one thing which is a daily need. We can’t survive without food. So if its a daily need, it can be boring sometimes, but why to make the food boring. Many people eat food just for filling up their tummies, but there are some who cannot eat a bite if the food is not up to the mark. So, as there are various types of people found, similarly, we have different cuisines of food and I think, none of us have tasted that all. So, don’t You have the urge to taste the unique blends, well I have. I hope I am not sounding boring. I will be taking you all to a tour of different cuisines and exploring unique tastes of food.
Mostly food bloggers just share the recipe and whatever they cook. I want to give the users the best experience of food. So, lets get started with our new journey. Hope you all are in!
Please like and share the post to all the food lovers so that they can also get benefited. And please let me know your favorite cuisine by leaving a comment below so that I can help you out more with my next blogs.
Stay Tuned!
Eat Well and Stay Happy!
Take care folks!

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