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The Rising Action Star Actor Sooraj Samrat Becomes Humdard for debutant film actor Viru Sharma :: Shooting continues in Jharkhand.

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand  | November  | 18, 2020 :: Rising action star actor Sooraj Samrat has become a sympathizer for debutant Bhojpuri film actor Veeru Sharma. Actually, debutant Veeru Sharma with Suraj Samrat is playing a Bhojpuri film Humdard these days. Both will be seen in the film together. Shooting is going on at various locations in Jharkhand. The famous and popular film actor Sooraj Samrat of Ardhangini fame Bhojpuri is busy shooting his upcoming film Hamdard. The shooting of the film is going on in Jamshedpur Jharkhand. Surj Samrat is also shooting many films in Jharkhand before this The beautiful location of Jharkhand and the facilities here attract everyone. The shooting of this film is going on in the beautiful location of Jamshedpur. Where the legendary actors of Bhojpuri are present on the shoot. As Suraj Samrat is known for his family and entertaining films. This film is also an entertaining and family film, in which the audience will get to see love, humor, humor and family drama. After the success of Superhit Bhojpuri film Ardhangini, Suraj Samrat continues to make films. Many of his films were stalled due to Corona. But as the situation is becoming normal, the work of his films is accelerating. Some films are ready, some are yet to be shot. Suraj Samrat’s upcoming films include The Revenger Man, Assassin, Ra Janandani and others.
Hamdard is a great film, as Suraj Samrat said. Which is based on a completely different and vulgar-free story. After doing a family film like Ardhangini, Suraj Samrat has become a favorite of everyone in the audience. Suraj Samrat has become popular and popular among the audience today. Sooraj in the film Apart from Samrat, Veeru Sharma, Mani Bhattacharya, Sanjay Pandey, Sahil Sheikh, Anoop Arora, Mahesh Acharya, Shraddha Naval, Rahul Srivastava and others will act.
Hamdard film is being produced under the banner of Antima Film Production. It is directed by Hasan Gaddi, producer Antima Devi, writer Omprakash Yadav, composer S Kumar, cinematographer Nagendra Rao, action director Shravan Kumar, choreographer Gyan Singh.

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