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The Unicorn :  Jacquei Essex [ Spain ]



When the night draws near at the end of the day

Weary children climb stairs to go into their beds

They lay down sleepy heads without having a fear

Riding into sweet dreams that draw softly near

Their heads rest on pillows so fluffy and soft

Snuggling beneath covers, their thoughts drift aloft

Safe in the knowledge that in a stable faraway

There is a milk white steed preparing his way

He lifts his head and shakes his soft downy wings

And takes to the clouds with the greatest of speed

For he knows that below there are many that need

His power to dispel all evils from their nightly sleep

From their beds the children give the gentlest of smiles

And in the merest of whispers they say just one word

Neither mother nor father can hear this soft sound

But to the ears of the steed flying high like a bird

Comes this quietest of sounds of just one word

“The Unicorn!!!!

Author ::  Jacquei Essex  [ Pilar de la Horadada, Spain ]

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