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Yoga – The Need of the Hour :: Dr. Dinesh Prasad Swain ( Assistant Professor, Sri Sri University )

The science of yoga provides physical, mental and spiritual health of mankind.
Awakening the inherent potentials, it enables one to experience harmony, equilibrium and a feeling of optimum health.
A state of true and complete relaxation can be achieved by withdrawing the sense perceptions from their respective sense objects.
This is the aim of yoga which helps us to become aware of our strength, weakness, ambition and the need.
Having definite and specific roles for each condition and stage of life yoga maintains the health of the healthy body, well-being of mind and harmony of the emotions.
Each and every dimension of the personality gets tuned with a sense of tranquility. It is a state of true and complete relaxation.
Being the science of the total health of our whole being, yoga culminates in the awakening of the supreme energy and expansion of the human consciousness.

Regulation of lifestyle is the key to total well-being.
The basic principles of yoga play an important role to correct the life style.
Because regular yoga practice becomes more beneficial when practiced with awareness and proper life style.
Following the holistic principles one can achieve perfection with enormous vitality at the physio-psychological level.
Balance in the nervous system and the endocrine glands takes place.
It influences all the organs of the different systems and maintains the health of the healthy body.
Beginning with the practice of sukshma vyaayaama, which means ‘subtle exercises’ it develops awareness of the body’s movements and stimulates all the major joints and relaxes different muscles of the body.
The practice of asana and pranayama enhances the stability of the body by regulating the flow of energy throughout the whole system of our existence.
Meditation is an attempt to explore the latent potentials, which is the source of sublime happiness and security.
Regular practice of such yogic techniques promote total health, by regulating and stabilizing the flow of energy throughout the body.

Today, during this epidemic, which has brought the whole world to a stalemate, this Indian treasured science of Yoga, will help us to venture inside our mind, show us how connection to the Supreme Power can be indeed very beautiful.
The greatly-valued practice of Yoga will give us power to overcome these hard days, and build a stronger world.

Dr. Dinesh Prasad Swain
Assistant Professor
Department of Yogic Science, Sri Sri University, Odisha

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