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Yoga is the purpose of Yoga :: Dr Sumita Mukherjee ( India book of record holder )

Yoga is the purpose of Yoga :: Dr Sumita Mukherjee ( India book of record holder )

Initially we may be drawn towards Yoga for physical, mental, emotional benefits like weight loss, toning of the body, mental relaxation, emotional balance, insomnia, good rest etc. but eventually it pulls us to the very core, i.e. towards the highest state: Yoga itself. We often get trapped in the Maya (illusion, irresistibly magnetic pull) of the surface level benefits of Yoga and forget what is its real goal.

As per Bhagwad Gita:

Yogah Karmashu Koshalam-

Yoga is skill in action. This skill in action is called Karma Yoga. The skill/ karma here refers to living a life of Dharma (right action), kama (utmost fulfillment), artha (experiencing abundance in life) and moksha (eventual detachment from the desire of desires itself).

These four levels of Karma Yoga leads to the realization of all other paths of Yoga.

Infact, there is no separation between the various Yogas like Karma (yoga of action), Bhakta (yoga of devotion) and Jnana Yoga (yoga of self-realization).

Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gnana Yoga are like the three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. They may seem separate but actually it is one stream of water which flows like three. Their meeting point is Yoga.

Five steps of Karma Yoga towards Jnana Yoga:-

1) Kriya+ Karma :The first stage in this journey is realization of the power of action (karma)

2) Dharma + Karma: Acting in accordance while keeping the highest good of others in mind by acting purposefully

3) Niskarma + Karma: Selfless service- Making sure there is no personal agenda or selfish desire associated to the action. Here the karma becomes Karma Yoga.

4) Bhakti + Karma: Surrender and open up. Opening the heart to everyone (breaking the walls in the heart that create separation, likes and dislikes). Instead of opening it just to those whom we love so that life becomes service and the karma transforms into stage of Bhakti Yoga

5) Bhakti + Jnana+ Karma : Realization- Realization of oneness, limitlessness and taste of ananda in such a service . This is the final stage: Jnana Yoga.

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