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 Deterioration in Value Education and Lack of Human Connection :: Rajeev Kr Gupta

20-Rajeev-GuptaRanchi, Jharkhand | December | Sunday | 20, 2015 :: After 67 years of Independence, the Education system has not geared up as it could be.20-Sonahatu-02 I would like to narrate a story which I, myself experienced when I visited a High school in Barenda village, Sonahatu Block, District Ranchi, Jharkhand and met students and teachers of that school. The total number of students were 450 but only 3 teachers and one para teacher are posted to teach all students. I asked a student of class VIII who comes first then a girl named Gita raised her hand and told that she comes 1st in class. Just of my curiosity, I asked her that what was her marks in Class VII and reply which I got was really astonished me. She told that no exam was conducted and also no evaluation system. Even teacher also confirmed and told about the problem of strength of teacher and other resources like supply of books.

Two basic reasons, I observed that strength of teachers and quality is main concern as how only 3-4 teachers will take care of more than 400-450 students. As I have come to know that as per new HRD policy and some guidance by World Bank forum for improvement in Education, no students should be dropped out or failed as it affects them otherwise and stress level increases.

Thus, what I have found here is everywhere from Villages to District Level schools. The State has been busy in just making buildings for school without taking proper concern of Teachers and other important resources. The Schools never get books on time when session starts and so affects teachings and mostly students suffer. This is a very serious concern of all State Board Schools.

Another set of schools under CBSE/ICSE  Board have all the infrastructure and enough no. of teachers to take care but they also lack quality of teachers.

Since Teaching has not been now-a-days a noble profession, the connection and relation with students are not with high spirit. This has widened the “GURU- SHISHYA” Parampara and it is converted into a Business Model and delivery is just mechanised. Everyone is just in the race of competition and we all are following Pyramid Structure of success. To some extent Parenting is also responsible as every parents want their own child to top among others and so children are over pressed and under stress.

Being Human we are not getting older as Human and this lack of human connection is creating all sorts of problem in society like social inequality, corruption etc. Because of this, the country is not getting best stuff who can be best ambassadors of their field and result we lack human values.

The objective should not be individualistic enhancement but cohesion and collaboration be like that it must form a conducive environment for betterment of whole society.

Are we ready for this ?

 Rajeev Kr Gupta Author :: Rajeev Kr Gupta ( B.A. Eco Hons, L.L.B. & Exe PGDM IIM Ranchi ), Voluntary retired ( VRS ) from Commercial Taxes Department, Jharkhand
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