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Eye : Six Muscles moves the Eyeball.

Eye is the organ of special sense of vision.
It consist of eyeball accessory structure.
Eye ball is almost spherical in shape.
It is situated in anterior part of orbital cavity.

Accessory structure of eyes are
* Eyebrows
* Eye lids.
* Lachrymal apparatus
* Extrinsic muscles of eye : There are six muscles moving the eyeball.
They are
1. Superior Rectus : Upward movement of eye.
2. Inferior Rectus : Downward movement of eye.
3. Medial Rectus : Inward movement of Eye.
4. Lateral Rectus : Outward movement of Eye.

These four are straight muscles
5. Inferior Oblique  : Upward and outward movement of eye.
6. Superior Oblique  : Downward and outward movement of eye.

Eye ball : Eye ball consist of three coats and light transmitting structures

Layers of Eye Ball are

* Outer fibrous coat : containing posterior opaque part called Sclera and anterior transparent part called cornea.

* Middle Vascular coat : Containing Choroid, ciliary body and iris.

* Inner nervous coat

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