Know the Difference Between Left and Right Kidney

Know the Difference Between Left and Right Kidney

Kidneys are the main organs of urinary system. They are two bean shaped organs lying on the posterior wall of upper abdomen, one on each side of the vertebral column.
They lie at the level of twelfth thoracic to Third lumber vertebrae.
Each kidney weighs 150gm approx.
Each kidney is embedded in fat called perirenal fat.
Each kidney is convex on its outer border and concave in the centre of its inner border.
Ureters transport urine formed in kidney to urinary bladder.
From urinary bladder, urine is passed to exterior through urethra.
Urethra in males is also a passage for seman.
Hence it is called urinogenital tract in males.
In females it is independent.

Difference Between Left and Right Kidney

The left side of a renal organ occupies a slightly higher position.

The right side of the kidney occupies a comparatively lower place as the position of the liver creates asymmetry.



The left renal organ is comparatively larger in dimensions.

The right kidney size is less than the left one.



It exists on the left side of a human frame under rib 11 and 12.

It exists on the right side of a body in relation with rib 12 only.



The renal volume of the left kidney is approx. 146 cm3.

The volume of a right renal organ is approximately 134cm3.

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