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Meditation and Sankalpa as tools for developing rational mind during the corona virus pandemic :: Dr. Parinita Singh

The corona virus pandemic has induced fear, stress and anxiety in all of us and has severely affected our day to day life. The issue being faced by each of us today, is how to respond, manage and to cope up with the stressful situation unfolding so rapidly in our lives and communities. In absence of a vaccine, it has become really a challenge for everyone to remain calm, stay alert all the time and to take all precautionary measures promptly so as to prevent himself from catching the virus. And for those who have already tested positive, it has become more challenging to defeat the virus by keeping one’s immune system upbeat and maintaining the balance of mind.

However, there is no need to be panic. Pressing the panic button makes people susceptible to hopelessness, irrational thoughts, actions and behavior.
As of now, maintaining a sound immune system is the key-word and to maintain or to improve immunity, among other things, maintaining a calm and balanced state of mind is of utmost importance. Many doctors, neuroscientists, philosophers, and psychologists have pointed out that rational thinking play an extremely important role in goal setting and also in decision making. The rational mind is operative when we are in the awakened state. This is purely related to our awareness; awareness about our-selves, i.e., our physical, mental and emotional state and also awareness about our surroundings. Rational mind is the reservoir of rational thinking. It is here that data accumulated from everyday experience is stored. It is problem solving realm of mind. Rational and logical thinking requires different skill sets in different situations. What is required in the present situation is to develop rational thinking so as to accept the new challenges in the new environment and to change ourselves to cope up. The best way to achieve this is to take a Sankalpa (resolution) and to regularly practice meditation which will slowly and gradually help our mind to become rational. Once developed, this state of mind becomes deep rooted and it starts functioning in an autosuggestion mode to regulate our thoughts, actions and behavior.

Sankalpa and meditation are very powerful techniques to develop awareness. This awareness then helps us to root out the deeper negative aspects of our mental nature and to consciously alter our attitude towards life-situations and thereby helps us to develop a rational mind.



Dr. Parinita Singh.

Author is Associate to Lens Eye from India & Director to Divine Yoga Academy


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