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Reproductive and Child Health care in India : Dr Bimlendu Kumar Roy

Reproductive health is defined as the total well-being in all aspects of reproduction i.e. physical, emotional, behaviour & social framework according to W.H.O.

India is amongst the first country in the world to initiate action plan at national level for total reproductive health as a social goal. These program functionally explored the named of family planning in 1951 currently popular the name of Reproductive & Child health (RCH) program.

Advantag of Reproductive & Child health (RCH) care:

1. Introduction of Sex education in school level to provide proper information.

2. Descourage the children to believing in myth & having misconception regarding sex related theme.

3. A practical based knowledge about the reproductive organs, adolescent & modulating of body for the safe & hygienic sexual practice.

4. A major social challenge related to Sexual transmitted disease (STD) such as AIDS, gonorrhoea, syphilis etc to help the people especially adolescent to lead a healthy reproductive life.

5. Different reproduction related education program example fertile couple, birth control options, care of pregnant mother & Post natal care of mother and child.

6. Signicance of breast feeding, equal opportunity for girls & boys, cultivation of social conses healthy family.

Disadvantages of Reproductive and child health care program.

1. Sex education in school is still a challenge for society.

2. Insufficient information diseminated related to pregnancy, nutrition, delivery, STD, abortion, contraceptive & menstrual complications.

3. According to RCH protocol, ban on aminocentesis ( sex determination) and female foeticide, superficially implimented.

4. Increasing female foeticide, discrimination between boys & girls, crime against girl & women, remain uncontrol due to lack of awareness program and a strict rule.

5. Many regions of the country, maternal and infant mortality rate raising.

6. The lack of proper birth control program for all sections of people, population of country bergeoning rapidly.

Contemporary approach from Reproductive and Child health care program is insufficient, it need to expand by audio, visual, print media and social networking site, accompanying with NGO & volunteer in all the sections of society over the concept of mother and infant health is essential to the cultivation of healthy and productive society.

About the Author
Dr Bimlendu Kumar Roy
Assistant professor
Department of Agriculture Biochemistry
Sainath University Ranchi

Ph.D. Department of Biomedical sciences for Health, University of Milan, Italy.


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