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Train to Ranchi

Ranchi is connected by rail to important places all over the country. Hatia is a station next to Ranchi and serves as terminus for many of the trains. Given below are some of the convenient trains. The first number is for the train from Ranchi and second for the train to Ranchi.


Daily trains:

8616/8615 Hatia Howrah Express,

8624/8623 Hatia Patna Express,

8622/8621 Hatia Patna Pataliputra Express,

8611/8612 Ranchi Garhwa Banaras Inter-City Express,

3352/3351 Dhanbad Bokaro Allepy Express,

8601/8602 Hatia Jammu Tawi Express,

5027/5028 Hatia Gorakhpur Mayurya Express,

8451/8452 Hatia Puri Tapaswini Express,

8608/8607 Ranchi Baidyanathdham Express.


Other trains

2020/2019 Ranchi Howrah Shatabdi Express (no train on Sunday),

3304/3303 Hatia Dhanbad Inter-City Express (no train on Sunday),

2439/2440 Ranchi New Delhi Rajdhani Express (biweekly),

8603/8604 Hatia Delhi Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti Express (via Barkakhana) (triweekly),

8605/8606 Hatia Delhi Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti Express (via Gomoh) (triweekly),

8609/8610 Ranchi Lokmanya Tilak Express (weekly),

2812/2811 Hatia Lokmanya Tilak Express (weekly),

2835/2836 Hatia Yeshwantpur Express (bi-weekly),

3403/3404 Ranchi Bhagalpur Vananchal Express (via Andal) (triweekly) ,

3405/3406 Ranchi Bhagalpur Vananchal Express (biweekly),

5661/5662 Ranchi Kamakhya (Guwahati) Express (biweekly).


For timings & current updates etc. check with Indian Railways[ ]..

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