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Sacrifice of common man results into 5000 villagers out of drought permanently n globally appreciated.

maharashtraAsk not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country
A middle class, self-employed person, Dilip N. Utekar born and brought up in Khed taluka of Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra.
Helping poor and needy people he like most which gives him immense pleasure. Moreover, as a social responsibility, He has started water related work in drought rural areas.
We has shortlisted some major suffering villages and executed mini water projects with his own funding of about 5000 villagers (14 ladies of 4villages) are getting regular water now and their many generations problem is solved permanently and a place where not a signal  green plant you can come across after December , is now full of vegetables/plants resulting which dependency and expenses onto buying vegetables are getting over and surplus vegetables is sold out in local bazaar by some farmers too.
maharashtra1Nature of work -45 nos of borwell, 25 plinths, installation of water tanks/pumps, making of New ponds/bawdis, repairing of old bawdis (well), repairing and strengthening of old government projects which are sick due to lack of proper administration/Technical assistance etc.
Initially he wanted to execute work at one particular part of village keeping in view of his financial strength but after getting success on 1stproject and considering others request, I took risk of spreading these services to another 14 wadis for which he took various loans and even disposed his properties and whatever he earned in last 33 years career have been spent onto social work and only kept one flat having bank loan.
His works has been appreciated and shown on regional Marathi channel, ABP Majha which can be seen on youtube –  Ratnagiri drought Management, Khed Sakhar , 5 min video (Direct Link –

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He was highly appreciated by German consulate, United states (Labour Ministry), un (United Nations)., Austria and hungary consulate and many others international organization .

He also get an appreciation letter from  Ratan Tata for his work.

After getting inspired by an American President John Kennedy He sincerely decided to spend at least  50% of  his income onto essential social activities especially on rural areas where people are deprived of basic necessities.

Without any professional and internationally recognized and without any modern techniques of water harvesting He brings sustainable, economical and time saving solution for his village.

In order to continue such social work, he has formed a NGO name ‘Human Development & Empowerment Foundation’ to serve more and more underprivileged/deprived communities of rural areas.

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