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Jharkhand :: Khunti’s Kudlum Panchayat has been nominated for Panchayat Award for Good Governance

It has a population of more than 1000 but even then the Gram Sabha here is very well organised and stands as an example in itself.

Sonmer Temple is the biggest gift of this Gram Sabha.

* Interfaith worship place; an epitome of brotherhood and harmony

People of all castes, religions and communities live in Sonmer village.

Here the temple, Sarna Sthal and Church are all located in the same premises.

This is an excellent example of unity in diversity. People of all communities had equal cooperation in the construction of Sonmer temple.

The construction work of the temple has been done mutually by the Gram Sabha itself.

Every day 15-20 villagers are engaged in the temple administration, its routine is decided by the Gram Sabha.

Due to the construction of the temple, today the issue of unemployment in the village has been completely resolved.

Shop of worship supplies, tea- snacks and toy shops in the temple premises, belong to the local residents of Sonmer village only.

The entry of outsiders into the business here is strictly prohibited.

The Pahan of the village is appointed by the Gram Sabha to conduct the puja in the temple and he is paid an honorarium of Rs.350 per day.

Today the Gram Sabha is supreme here.

Due to the above-mentioned system of good governance and robust welfare system the issue of migration and unemployment has been immensely curbed.

Most people are self-reliant.

The Panchayat is covered under the umbrella of various state-run schemes

This panchayat is assisted by the Central and State government like other panchayats in the state.

The funds available under the 15th Finance Commission are used judiciously by the Gram Sabha.

Panchayat gets the benefit of almost all the schemes run by the state government.

Gram Panchayat receives the support of schemes such as Agriculture-Loan Waiver Scheme, Mukhyamantri Pashu Vikas Yojana, Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme, Birsa Harit Gram Yojana, Veer Shaheed Poto Ho Khel Vikas Yojana amongst a host of other schemes and the benefits of the same are availed by the villagers.

“Empowering the Panchayats and ensuring public participation is a pertinent step towards providing solutions to local problems. Kudlum’s Gram Panchayat has done commendable work in participatory, timely and transparent implementation of schemes, similar efforts will be made to implement the same across all the other Panchayats.”

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